What? It's Only Sex.
The Boss..56..

“Everything good?” Carly asks as Michael and I walk outside on the patio hand in hand.

“Yes.” I smile, taking a soda from her and she winks. “everything is great, Ma. Do you need help with anything?”

“I think I have it, darling.”

“I’m gonna go sit.”…

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The Boss..55..

Hello kitty?” Michael comments as we walk into my room and I close the door behind us.

“What?” I ask back thinking he’s talking to me. He does call me kitten.

“Your room.” He gestures around it at the various Hello Kitty paraphernalia. “You have a lot of

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The Boss..54..

Since arriving at my mother’s house, about thirty minutes ago, Michael and I haven’t spoken a word to each other.

On the ride over in his Range Rover, we didn’t even speak a word to each other.

We are totally pissed at each other.

He because I’m supposedly

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The Boss..53..

“Do you really have to follow me around like this?” I ask Ben, glancing over my shoulder at him. He looks so out-of-place in his corporate suit, walking slowly behind, watching as I push the buggy around the grocery store gathering groceries. “It’s…

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The Boss..52..

“Britt, what are you doing here?” Michael asks, unmoving.

“Well,” She begins, smirking. “I had a long talk with my cousin earlier today and he told me that the assistant spot with you is open again. So, naturally, sexy,” She smiles, winking at Michael. “I…

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The Boss..51..

In heels, I jog after Eric, stopping him before he can make it to the elevator and press the button.

“You’re firing me?” I ask, clearly confused and shocked.

He just rehired me–how and the hell can I be fired now?

“Tam,” Eric sighs heavily and he doesn’t…

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The Boss..50..

“Hello, Mr. Stewart.” Mika smiles, stepping around me to greet my father with a firm handshake. “Thanks for dinner the other night. I had a nice time.”

“You’re welcome, sweetheart. It was my pleasure. Any friend of Eric’s is a friend of mine.” Malcolm…

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The Boss..49..

After a week of forced rest, to “completely” recover by my boss and THE boss, I walk into Jackson Towers Monday morning feeling refreshed and very happy.

I visited the doctor over the weekend and he says that my concussion is gone and there was no…

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The Boss..48..

After regaining the energy that was just drained from me, redressing, and making out with Michael a few more minutes, I lead him away from the door to the couch.

I sit down, with one leg in the couch and one leg out, then beckon for him to lie on top of…

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The Boss..47..

“I can’t believe the way he spoke to me.” I ramble, walking into my apartment with Michael behind me. He closes the door and I continue inside, mumbling to myself, but kind of loud. “Doesn’t he know that he’s like my best friend? Well not anymore because…

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The Boss..46..

“What the hell?” I squeak as Michael places me on my feet in front of my desk. “What the fuck was that in there, Michael?”

Did I seriously just walk in on Eric fucking…..Mika?

“I think it was a live action example of we’renot doing, Tam.” Michael laughs,…

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The Boss..45..

“I’ll take that ice cream now.” I smile as Michael pins me against the glass, exposing my belly button.

“I’ll take you now.” He smiles then kisses my nose. “Tamera, I’m so glad you didn’t let Jermaine ruin what we’re building.”

“Michael, Jermaine can’t…

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The Boss..44..

“What was that?” I ask, slowly, and Michael clicks his tongue, still looking away from me. “Hello? Michael?”

“What?” He asks, still not looking at me, and I stare at the side of his face until he finally looks straight at me. “What, Tamera?” He snaps.…

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The Boss..43..

After a major make out session, and two separate showers (I insisted), Michael gave me a quick tour of his house, and just like I thought, it is absolutely gorgeous.

And even bigger on the inside than what the outside makes you posit.

Anyways, during…

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The Boss..42..

When my eyes gradually open the next morning, I’m on my stomach, lying all alone in Michael’s king sized bed.

Just after realizing he’s not beside nor behind me, I frown because I’m missing the feel of his skin pressed to mine.

I fell asleep wrapped…

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